….did you mean…

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Dean: How the hell did you survive that?!

Jack: I’m not exactly… destructible. 

Sam: I just shot you in the head! 

Dean: With a gun!

Sam: Yes, Dean, I think that was implied when I used the words “Shot you in the head!”

Jack: Why’d you shoot me, by the way?

Dean: Though you were… uh… it doesn’t matter now.

Sam: Thought you were a vengeful spirit.

Dean: But how the hell did you survive that?!

Gwen: Did you just say vengeful spirit? Now what the hell is that supposed to be?

Dean: Eh English girl! Let’s deal with the issue of someone surviving a shot to the head!

Gwen: I am WELSH you—

Jack: Calm down you two! Especially you, Dean!

Dean: How do you know my name? And what the hell are you?

Jack: Mind putting the gun down? I think you’ve seen that that doesn’t work on me. 

Gwen: We’re with special ops investigating on this case.

Sam: Come on, no you’re not. We aren’t idiots. 

Jack: Again, gun down? Please?

Dean: Not until you tell us what the hell you are and what you’re doing here. 

Jack: Retcon them later?

Gwen: I think we can risk it.

Dean: Retcon? What the hell is retcon?

Gwen: We aren’t getting out of here without telling them anyway.

Jack: I guess I’ll start, but you have to promise to tell me what you’re doing here too. And no lying, I can see straight through it. 

Sam: Fine. But I don’t think you’ll be able to get Dean to drop his gun.

Dean: No he won’t!

Gwen: God I hate Americans.


Jack: And I thought we dealt with some crazy stuff. 

Gwen: How do we know you two aren’t completely insane?

Sam: You don’t. And neither do we regarding you. But I’m almost positive that this is one of our cases— not, er…

Dean: So do you have a spaceship or some Millennium Falcon thing? You know, we met this kid who could control people’s minds, totally Obi-wan’d us—

Sam: Dean!

Dean: Right, sorry. 

Jack: Not alien, got it. To be honest we were just tracking a stray weevil that shouldn’t have set off any of your, you know, whatever you use to detect these supernatural things. So it’s possible that our paths merely crossed by chance. 

Sam: Okay well… you can go track that… whatever that was while we figure out what’s haunting this family.

Jack: Yes. Gwen, we better get going. The last thing we want is another mauled human. 

Gwen: No retcon?

Jack: No retcon.

Dean: What is retcon?

Jack: Don’t worry your pretty face about it. 

Dean: Sorry man, don’t swing that way. 

Jack: Sure you don’t. Gwen!

Gwen: Yep, coming. 

Jack: Until another time, Winchesters. 

Sam: Yeah, you too. 

Dean: [After Jack and Gwen leave] Think they were batshit crazy?

Sam: Think we’re batshit crazy?

Dean: Good point.